TMS: providing maintenance, reliability and engineering services since 1993.

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In 1993, Total Maintenance Services started with the concept to
provide industrial customers with a full-circle of services that
combines general construction with the technical expertise of
reliability and maintenance engineering.

Since then, TMS has fulfilled this quest and continues to strive for the perfection of this concept.

Customers who partner with Total Maintenance Services appreciate the shared core values of maximizing safety, performance, cost control, timely machinery start-ups and reliability. These are the values that will help them gain an advantage in the competitive environment of the global economy.

The core values of TMS are based upon providing highly trained, experienced personnel who are able to understand and deliver the services necessary to meet and exceed the customers' needs.

TMS invites you to look through some of the services provided on the links within this Web site.

Safety is Paramount

"Safe": adj.: (1) free from harm or risk; (2) secure from danger or loss

Total Maintenance Services has taken the word as a way of life. All TMS employees live and breathe "Safe".

Total Maintenance Services invites you to talk with our customers about our approach towards safety. Innovative techniques and commitment are required to live and breathe "Safe". TMS has incorporated all the world-class techniques for safe work practices and has also innovated new methods.

TMS is especially proud of the JMS safety methods that are a new and innovative approach towards Behavioral Based Safety.

Please preview our safety page to see some of the specific techniques TMS incorporates to work "Safe".

We invite you to talk to our customers about our Safety programs.
Contact TMS Customer Service for references.

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